As the Director of the Arrabona EGTC I would like to welcome you

Our Grouping was registered by the Municipal Court on 24 May 2011, as a result of a nearly year long organization and preparation work. Basically EGTC was established for to achieve the regional development of the two common border areas. This means that the Hungarian and Slovak municipalities interests should appear equaly in the documents of development and in the project implementation.

At the same time the dominant role of Győr and Dunajská Streda should be considered. EGTC is a similar association as the regional association in Hungary, but not identical with it in formal way. EGTC is a legal person, joining to the grouping is voluntary. Members may be: Member States of EU, regional authorities, local authorities, public institutions and associations formed by the listed organizations. The members territorialy should be located in an area with at least two EU State Members.

Non EU, called „Third Country” can not be a member of EGTC, but for its regional or local authorities, public institutions (in case of a separate agreement or national legislation allowing the existence) it is possible. It is important to emphasize that the EGTC as a community tool for regional cooperation works on cross-border, transnational and interregional levels, so partners implementing similar cooperations at any of the mentioned areas above, can generate this Association.

The Association is subject to the Regulation, the Convention-establishing the Grouping, the Statute of Grouping (in case of matters non or just partially regulated) and to the laws of the State in which the Association is established. The EGTC shall have an Assembly, and with a Director representing its principal, but the Statute of Association can set up other bodies too. The must existance of the General Assembly representing the members is an important step forward, because many European regions do not have this body.

The Association provide tasks which were assigned to it by members of Agreement under the framework Regulation.

Németh Tamás Zoltán,

Director of Arrabona EGTC