Be sincerely and warmly welcome on the Arrabona-European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation’s website!

I am delighted to say, that after more than one year of hard preparatory work, in year 2011 we were able to establish this international association with an independent legal personality.

City of Győr as the competent authority started with the initiative, and as a result of that, two Hungarian cities namely Győr and Mosonmagyaróvár, and two Slovak cities Dunajská Streda and Šamorín have established the Arrabona EGTC.
When determining the operating area (geopraphic scope) of Arrabona EGTC the starting point was the economies of scale principle, we thought that in case of some municipalities (local governments) participation, the organization would be weightless, on the other hand with too many members it would be difficult to harmonize each section’s interests.

The Arrabona EGTC’s extent predicts a large number over 120 of municipalities and organisations. For the succesful operation the Arrabona EGTC has to ensure the simultaneous appearance of several interests and to stay operative at the same time.

Our organization’s aim is to synchronize these two factors.

Wishing you a good getting to know!

Csaba András dr. Dézsi,

Chairman of Arrabona EGTC