Arrabona EGTC has opened its office in Dunajská Streda

The creation of Arrabona EGTC was initiated by the City of Győr with County Rights (where the seat of the organization is located) in 2010, in cooperation with Mosonmagyaróvár and the two Slovakian cities Dunajská Streda and Šamorín as co-founders. Generally, Arrabona EGTC has been created in order to achieve the mutual regional development goals of the region around the Hungarian-Slovakian border region (Szigetköz and Csallóköz). EGTC is an organization with legal personality, the membership of the group is voluntary. The Member States of the European Union, the regional authorities, the local authorities, the public law institutions, and also the associations of the listed organizations may become the members of the EGTC.

We know that preparing each tender or managing each project represents considerable work and a challenge for us, but such tasks also represent the realization of the long-term objectives and dreams of the member municipalities. This is the reason why every single project is unique and equally valuable. Our experience shows that the tendering systems of Hungary and the European Union are currently including such special requirements that the applicants are unable to prepare the tenders on their own, or even to locate the source itself. Therefore, the service provided by our organization may help to deal with this specialized and complex system, because knowing the tenders in detail and dealing with the rules related to certain tendering systems constitute a part of our everyday work. We provide an opportunity to the local governments and regions to establish a cross-border or interregional cooperation in order to achieve their mutual goals. The main public administration units covered by our activity are the following: The area of the micro-regions of Mosonmagyaróvár and Győr (Hungary) and the area of the micro-region of Dunajská Streda in Slovakia.

We are happy to announce that Arrabona EGTC has opened an office in Dunajská Streda with the objective of providing information on the development options of the region to the member municipalities / partners continuously, especially on cross-border (mainly Slovakian-Hungarian) and Slovakian or Hungarian grants. We intend to provide information effectively to the people and the municipalities on tendering options, and on the rules of the proceedings for winning a grant. Our goal is to maintain continuous relationships between our partners, and also between the organizations applying for and organizing tenders. During the implementation of the project, we also intend to promote cooperation between the parties participating in the implementation, the involved organizations, and the controlling authority. We would like to provide an opportunity for exchanging information and experience within the framework of extended workshops. The opportunity for participation is not only open to our partners, as we would also like to address the local governments, entrepreneurs, civil associations, and civil organizations that are interested in these matters. We intend to cover each field of cooperation: tendering, implementing and managing EU sources or projects, or supporting and promoting any cooperation initiated alone, even those initiated without any support.

Arrabona EGTC is currently participating in two cross-border (Slovakia and Hungary) projects under implementation, and Dunajská Streda is also participating actively in both of them.

Within the framework of “Cultacross” project, the development of the area around the lake located within the thermal spa of Dunajská Streda will be performed, and a new cultural space and water stage will be created. The cultural action group (KACS), consisting of the representatives of the cultural organizations of the cities of Győr and Dunajská Streda, will support the promotion and extension of the local cultural repertoire by creating a mutual cultural action plan and a programme for cooperation. As a result of the project we will enrich the existing variety of cultural events and festivals between the two cities.

Within the scope of our project called “Builcogreen” we are dealing with four matters – waste management, flowered city, green zones, and the maintenance and operation of military and civil cemeteries – and this will be hosted by our four founding cities that will present and share their experiences with those smaller municipalities that are also responsible for such matters. The previous occasion when these matters were introduced and shared with each other was in the middle of October, right here in Dunajská Streda.

We hope that opening our office in Dunajská Streda will make cooperation more effective, not only for the development of the two above-mentioned founding cities, but also for the development of the other municipalities in the border regions of Csallóköz and Szigetköz.