Support of special municipal and urban management activities in the territory of Arrabona EGTC


The institutional cooperation with the aim of turning the municipalities in the territory of Arrabona EGTC “greener” targets a higher level of cooperation between the municipalities belonging to Arrabona, their local governments, and their providers of municipal management services. The founding members of Arrabona have excellent experience in various urban services, and they intend to share this experience with the other member municipalities, both in the form of theoretical and practical knowledge. We intend to raise the cooperation between the member municipalities to a higher level by ensuring the continuous exchange of experience between them through regularly organized workshops, where the programmes are prepared in a manner which allows the turning of previous informal relationships into institutional cooperation before the end of the project. The institutional cooperation is supported by a computer interface and a mutual mentor system to be prepared within the scope of separate activities. Two more objectives, in addition: increasing the resource efficiency of the target group by sharing the machines and equipment necessary for the maintenance of the urban green areas within the scope of a mutual rental system; preparing the system specifications necessary for the implementation of the smart solutions supporting the institutional cooperation established as a result of the project.

The main beneficiary is Arrabona EGTC, the main target group consists of the 4 cities, the other 27 municipalities located within the operational territory of the association, and their population. The objective of the project is supported by 3 main groups of activities: a series of workshops where the participants are able to share their experiences in urban management and to present the case studies of locally established good practices; a “mentoring” service established between the municipalities; and an IT background supporting the cooperation, thereby increasing the efficiency of the management of the municipalities. )

Main partner: Arrabona EGTC

Total budget: 273,373.26 €

Support provided by the European Regional Development Fund: 232,367.27 €

(More information on Arrabona EGTC: www.arrabona.eu

More information on the project: Dr Zoltán Herke, project manager