3rd Builcogreen project workshop – Operating public cemeteries and military cemeteries

As a leading partner, Arrabona EGTC invited its members and other interested parties to the workshop “Operating public cemeteries and military cemeteries – Challenges and possible solutions”. The event organized in Dunajská Streda was opened by Mayor Zoltán Hajós, and Arrabona EGTC was represented by Zoltán Herke as a speaker.

Gabriella Pomichal, head of the administrative department, Viktor Harmanovsky, head of the green zone maintenance and urban cleaning department, and Zoltán Simon, referee for the management of cemeteries, presented the “institution”, the green areas and the cemeteries, as the representatives of Municipal Real Estate Dunajská Streda, s.r.o., which is operated by the city of Dunajská Streda. The matter of the virtual cemetery, where one can light virtual candles, was also addressed. The title of the presentation by Attila Nagy, local historian and chronicler of the city, was “Some practical extra information for the history of the cemetery of Dunajská Streda – focusing on the aspects of local (national) values”. During the next day of the workshop, already existing examples were presented from Hungary, and Zsolt Rotter presented information on the management of the cemeteries of Győr.

The programmes continued the next day (18 October) when the participants prepared specific project plans within the predefined matters. They also prepared cost/benefit analyses and risk assessments with the involvement of experts during the planning.  The opportunity for further mentoring and the related details were also addressed. The event was finalised by the arrangement of the 4th-quarter workshop, which will be organized in the city of Šamorín.